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Dear Reader,

I present the summation of my life's work - some nine centuries of progress - created as I lived and explored the world of Tethys which surrounds me. Sadly I cannot say that it is a complete body of knowledge, nor can I say that it is a wholly true, factual encyclopedia for large parts are based on ancient stories passed down through word of mouth. Much evidence for the events which transpired in the most ancient of times has been erased at the hands of common weathering effects, countless wars and a lack of written records from some of these time periods and cultures.

Despite years of trying, many questions remain unanswered and must be left to the imagination. Perhaps we shall never know the true origins of the Aspect of Creation or the rare and mysterious ruins scattered sparsely around the globe, among many other riddles unknown. Endless theories based loosely on my extensive research swirl through my head to this day concerning many of these condundrums, but I have done my best to leave them out of this work entirely since they are, at their core, baseless and factless due to insufficient evidence.

From the depths of the twisted lair of the Wretched Queen to the Great Pantheon that has stood for thousands of years, you will find a common thread of struggle and mystery, wonder and awe and with an underlying tone of horror in many cases. This, to me, is the beauty of Tethys in its essence: its ability to both capture your imagination and strike fear and sadness into your heart, all while leaving you with questions that may or may not ever be answered. It is here that my introduction ends and your journey begins with my spirit at your side, guiding you through even the most difficult of mazes. 

This is my final published work. I can only hope that in the time that passes after its completion, more will be discovered to fill in the gaps which I could not.

-Alexis Adalfungus, Chief Historian for the World of Tethys

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